How To Prepare For Your Trip

There are many things to factor into planning your trip. Common planning lists will include finding a flight; booking your hotel or calling in that favor with a friend; packing according to weather/location; budgeting finances; scouting out the places you’d like to visit; etc. On top of all of this, depending on where you want to go, you might have to look into the required vaccines/ shots you would need to have, as well as a passport if you don’t have one.

I visited Utah this past October, to attend a wedding. Some of the things I had to take into consideration were booking my flight and sorting out hotel arrangements with the others I was traveling with; packing enough clothes to suit the occasion as well as the chilly weather; and setting aside spare cash for souvenirs and meals.

Because I was traveling with others for a specific purpose, we didn’t plan out in advance areas that we wanted to visit. However, that’s one awesome factor of traveling! Often if you have time to kill before/after a flight or between events, those are the best opportunities to do a little spontaneous sightseeing. As someone who prefers to plan things out to the very last detail, this was a great opportunity for me to broaden my horizons and break out of my comfort zone.

The blog Nomadic Matt has some great ideas for planning your trip, and a few helpful suggestions per bullet point in their article 17 Easy Steps for Planning Your Next Trip. Several of the points are similar to what I mentioned above, however, it still provide good insight. A few of the article points which I particularly found interesting were #3. Research Your Costs, and #4. Start Saving Money. In point #3, the author suggests doing extensive research on your total cost of the trip (i.e. transportation, lodging, meals, souvenirs, etc.). He also notes that the cost of the trip could vary depending on what you plan to do (free sightseeing/walking around vs. a costly guided tour). For point #4, the author suggests a few easy ways to save money, i.e. cutting back on your coffee, eating out, and TV habits.

For those specifically plan on traveling abroad, this Packing List is a great in-depth resource for what you might need on your trip. It includes everyday necessities such as clothes and toiletries, travel-specific items like passports and cameras, and everything in between.

If you’re planning a trip sometime soon, or if you have additional ideas for this post, I’d love to hear from you! Please send me a message.



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