Travel Where?

There are literally millions of places in the world an aspiring traveler can consider going to. However, the shared experiences of others’ as well as pictures of locations often have significant influence over the traveler’s decision.

If I had to create my personal Top 10 list of places I wanted to visit, it would likely include Ireland, Scotland, England, Japan, Israel and a variety of cities/states within the U.S. Most aspiring travelers’ have similar generic lists; however, some are more intrigued by specific places, i.e. Honolulu, Hawaii or Jerusalem, Israel. I’ve found that the things that most people are influenced by are their family, heritage, and culture; sometimes close friends, college classes, or even online articles can influence their interest in locations too.

For example, I read an article published by Travel + Leisure, and my opinions of where I thought I wanted to visit one day was definitely readjusted, just by reading this article. It’s called 50 Best Places to Visit in 2017 and the article briefly highlights each of those locations with a quick synopsis and pictures. I hadn’t truly considered visiting France, Greece, Italy, or Bermuda, but from the beautiful pictures and short description in this article, I’m highly considering creating a personal Top 20 list with those locations added to it. If you read their article, be prepared to possibly have your Top 10 travel bucket list added to or changed too!

Ultimately, while the place will influence your outlook on the world, it truly doesn’t matter where you go. The more important thing is that you do go. As a fellow student, I understand it’s sometimes hard to even plan out the next week, much less planning six months out. However, as I mentioned before in my previous blog post, I took the opportunity to travel to Utah, and I’m sincerely glad that I did! It allowed me to have a brief view of someplace new, and to check another state off the travel bucket list. While perhaps we’re in the stage of life of not being able to travel to Ireland and Australia and China every month, we can still take opportunities to travel.

One way that we can travel without interfering with school, is to travel for school! Many, many community colleges and universities offer study abroad programs which often take place over the summer. Depending on the course and the destination, it could be anywhere from a 4-6 week opportunity or even a whole year. In addition, some colleges offer scholarships to help pay for those experiences; a win-win situation. If you’re a student, look into the kinds of study abroad programs that your college has available!

If you have the ability, look into student travel. If you don’t, then take the little opportunities to travel; i.e. a road trip across states on spring break, or quit the Netflix and Starbucks to save up for a month-long tour of England in the summer in between semesters. Bottom line… opportunity is out there. We just need to go out and seize it.

I hope this post inspires you and fires up your desire to travel, if it isn’t blazing already. If you’ve studied abroad or done traveling as a student, I’d love to hear from you!



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