New Beginnings: A Year of Change

Originally when I started this blog, it was a school project for an honors class at Mesa Community College. I thought that I would just close down the blog when the class was over, and that was it.

As the class progressed though, I enjoyed the blog and it’s primary topic (travel) more and more. Since traveling has been a longtime desire of mine, I made the decision to keep the blog up and continue writing even after the honors class ended.

The class ended, and I began to write posts about my recent travels, day trips and weekend trips all over Arizona.

However, since the World Traveling Student blog began, a lot has happened. I started dating an amazing guy, who’s now my fiancé. I graduated as Valedictorian from Mesa Community College and started attending Arizona State University as a Junior. I continued to serve in my church as a youth leader, having moved from Junior High to High School this past year. Currently I’m in my Senior year of college; working; planning my wedding; serving as a High School leader; and trying to maintain a semblance of a social life.

That just covers the noticeable changes that have occurred. I haven’t even mentioned the spiritual and emotional growth. This past year has been a year of huge growth and trial for my fiancé and I. It’s provided amazing opportunities to grow individually and as a couple in Christ; though it was difficult in the moment, it was absolutely worth it in the long run. If I had to sum up this past year in one sentence, it would be: a year of change. And there’s even more change to come.

As I surveyed my blog, I realized something. I liked it. I enjoyed the main topic and the intent and the content. But something was missing…

The rest of my life.

I live a really busy, full, intense life – as you can tell from my previous statement. A simple travel blog doesn’t encapsulate even a quarter of that. While I still love traveling and plan to travel more in the future… I’m not going to confine myself to writing about just one topic. And I’m not going to create fifty different blogs to talk about each aspect of my life – because who really has time for that?

So for anyone who follows this blog, consider yourself forewarned! The direction of this blog isn’t going to drastically change. But it is going to grow and morph into what I think it has the potential to be: a heartfelt expression of the life experiences that God has blessed me with. Prepare yourself for a variety of topics: anything from wedding planning, to food, to my coffee obsession, to travel, to school, to youth, to how God’s recently revealed Himself to me.

Welcome to the World Traveling Student 2.0. It’s time for new beginnings. Hold on tight, it should be a fun experience 😉


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